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Bakery Boxes or Bakery Packaging are essential for transporting baked goods safely. Typically made of sturdy cardstock, these boxes feature fold-down lids to securely close. Inside, cupcake cutouts or cardboard divides separate treats. The boxes have a short stacked shape to hold individual cupcakes, slices of cake, cookies, and more without crushing. Windows on the lids let customers peek at the tasty contents. Bakery boxes keep contents fresh while providing easy portability, preservation, and presentation of baked goods.

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Bakery boxes are typically made of white cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated cardboard. This allows them to be sturdy yet lightweight for easy transport.
Common Bakery Packaging sizes include 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch squares. Cupcake boxes are usually 3-inch or 4-inch squares. Custom sizes are also available.
Bakery Boxes come in a variety of useful styles to suit different bakery product needs. Standard options include basic bakery boxes with straight sides, two-piece bakery boxes with attached lids, cupcake boxes with built-in cupcake cutouts, cake boxes with elevated tops to protect tall layers, and pastry boxes with inclined tops to display contents. There are also more unique shapes like hexagonal or triangular bakery boxes. Boxes can have full lids, window cutouts, or flip-up lids.
Window Bakery Boxes allow for product visibility without compromising freshness and quality. Customers can get a preview of the delicious baked goods inside, generating interest and excitement. This creates an enticing retail experience and increases the chance of purchases while still protecting the items from premature exposure to air and potential damage during transport and display.
Custom Bakery Boxes have printing done through various methods based on factors like order size, graphics, and budget. Offset lithography allows full-colour printing for large orders. Flexography works for simpler graphics on large runs. Digital printing suits smaller batches with variable data. Screen printing gives bold, high-quality images in any size order. The printing technique is chosen based on the specific box customisation needs.

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