Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes are distinctive boxes of folding cardboard cartons with four sides and a peaked, house-shaped top. This signature gabled top, formed by two triangular sections, gives the box added rigidity to securely contain products. Gable boxes fold together from a single sheet without glue. Their unique folded design and peaked top make them well-suited for packaging gifts, baked goods, candy, pharmaceuticals, and retail items.

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Gable Boxes are typically made from cardboard paperboard, but can also be constructed from other paper materials like chipboard or corrugated cardboard for added durability.
Gable boxes' peaked shape makes them ideal for packaging diverse products from baked treats to electronics, as the distinctive house-like form accentuates contents while securely enclosing them. Foods, confections, gifts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and retail goods are often packaged in gable boxes to enhance their visual impact, versatility, and tamper-resistant enclosures.
Wedding Favour Boxes are small packages used to hold small gifts or treats that wedding hosts give to their guests as a token of appreciation.
From names and initials to special dates and logos, Personalised Favour Boxes offer countless design options to make them uniquely yours. Customise the boxes by incorporating venue details, wedding colours, photographic prints of you and your partner, floral patterns, romantic quotes, custom graphics, or mimicking your invitations' colours and fonts. Even adding a creative wedding hashtag or silhouette portraits turns basic boxes into memorable souvenirs of your special day.
Small Favour Boxes are formed by folding single sheets of cardboard, paper, or wood using speciality machines. The machines precisely score and crease the sheets which are then shaped into small boxes with tabs and joints. For extra sturdiness, some small favour boxes are made by cutting, creasing, and assembling multiple panels into a sturdy box frame either by machine or hand. Skilled box makers can also hand fold decorative tiny boxes from single sheets into origami styles.

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