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Premier Custom Boxes’ bottle necker label packaging is a type of advertising that brands can hang from the necks of bottles. It helps to sell drinks, convey important information, and build a business’s identity. Moreover, these tags with enticing graphics and product details are useful for sales and promotions. Made from durable materials, like Kraft paper and corrugated cardstock, they can easily accommodate different bottle sizes. They enhance product appearance, making them stand out on shop shelves.

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This type of packaging is used for beverages, such as water, wine, soft drinks, and juice. Brands can gracefully attach these tags to bottle neckers.
This packaging helps to protect the product from leaks and tampering. Additionally, it can enhance a product’s aesthetics. Sellers can display the company name and logo, which can boost brand recognition.
Custom bottle necker labels can be made from various materials such as Kraft paper and corrugated material. The choice depends on the brand’s preference and the level of protection required.
There’s a wide range of printing methods available. Screen printing is versatile and suitable for diverse designs. Digital printing offers high-quality results. Additionally, flexography and offset printing are common choices for beverage packaging.
Regulations can differ by country or region. Generally, printed bottle necker labels must adhere to specific safety and labelling standards, including product names, nutritional information, and ingredients. In some instances, environmental regulations might also apply.
Their cost varies based on size, materials, and order quantity. Premium finishes and materials can increase prices, but bulk orders might offer discounts. It is best to discuss prices with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best deal.
They can be sourced from physical packaging retailers or wholesalers. Alternatively, online packaging websites offer customised solutions, delivering orders directly to customers.

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