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The custom printed folding boxes are also known as a versatile packaging solution. They’re designed in a way that they can be conveniently folded into shape, resulting in saving space and snugly holding the product kept within. The adaptable design of folding box packaging helps accommodate a wide range of products, making them a suitable product packaging choice for many industries. Being the leading folding box suppliers in UK, Premier Custom Boxes helps print them in custom sizes, shapes and finishing to enhance your brand visibility and create memorable unboxing experiences.

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The primary difference between the two is their usability and convenience. The regular boxes may not be able to be folded into the shape of your choice whereas the folding boxes are designed and manufactured to be folded into a flat shape.
A tuck and fold box is the most common and preferred custom packaging type. It folds from front to back in the same direction and has slit locks that secure the tucks in place.
The custom printed folding display boxes and product boxes are a great choice and can help because: They’re made out of paper cardstock which makes them an affordable choice The folding boxes are easier to pack and can be folded flat. Folding boxes can be made out of cover cardstock or even kraft cardstock sepending on requirements. They can be customised into shapes, sizes and colours as per requirement.
The manufacturing process of custom folding box packaging involves printing on the cardstock followed by glossy or matte lamination, die cutting, folding and glueing. The folding boxes are shipped inside a carton during the transit.

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