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Cream Box, also known as Cream Packaging Box, is a folding carton used to package cream or creamy products. Typically made from lightweight yet sturdy paperboard, this box features a bottom with four attached sides that fold up and a top lid or flap to close the box securely. Cream boxes come in various sizes to accommodate jars, bottles, or containers of different cream volumes. They provide a safe, enclosed space during transport and shelf display.

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Cream boxes are usually made from cardboard paperboard. Some may have a lightweight chipboard construction. They can have a matte or glossy finish. The cardboard is folded and glued to form the box shape.
The most common shape is a simple square or rectangular cube box. But cream boxes can also be made in circular, oval, hexagonal, or triangular shapes for unique packaging. Heart-shaped and custom asymmetrical shapes are also options.
Cream boxes usually have a tuck-in tab closure on the bottom. The top can be sealed with tape, sealable adhesive, or a folded tuck-in flap. Some may have ribbon ties. For easier opening, a finger hole in the top is a pleasant accent.
A Face Cream Box is a packaging container used to hold and display face cream products. They are usually made of folded cardboard or paperboard and come in various sizes, shapes, and styles.
Virtually any graphics, photos, illustrations, patterns, and text can be printed in full colour on Custom Printed Cream Boxes. Both the exterior and interior of the box can be fully customised with bleed or borderless printing. Photorealistic quality is achievable.
Cream Boxes with Lids are great for gifts, pampering sets, desserts, cupcakes, cookies, jewellery, soaps, candles, and any upscale packaging needs.

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