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Common packaging box types include folding cartons, sleeve boxes, rigid boxes, telescoping boxes, tray and lid boxes, shoulder boxes, and others. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.
Almost any product can be packaged in boxes, including foods, electronics, cosmetics, apparel, housewares, industrial parts, and more. Packaging Boxes protect contents from damage.
Cardboard packaging boxes are versatile containers made from corrugated cardboard and paperboard materials used to package, ship, and display consumer and industrial products. Cardboard boxes cushion fragile contents, resist crushing, provide economical protection, and readily accept custom prints and graphics. Major end uses include packaging foods, electronics, housewares, apparels and more.
Printed packaging boxes allow brands to extend product storytelling and interact with consumers the moment they unbox. Vibrant colours, custom illustrations, product imagery, brand logos and creative structural box designs elevate the experience beyond utilitarian protection. Printed packaging engages customers on an emotional level, providing enjoyment, conveying quality and strengthening brand connections through customised unboxing moments that live beyond the product& use.
Eco-friendly packaging boxes are made from sustainable materials like recycled paper, cardboard, bamboo or plant fibres instead of plastic. They help reduce environmental impact as they can be recycled or composted after use. Choosing eco-friendly boxes shows a company's commitment to sustainability. They come in innovative shapes and designs yet retain durability for protecting products during shipping.

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