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Custom Boxes or customised boxes come in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. They can display logos, graphics, and details about the product inside. These containers are made to order based on product specifications for a perfect fit that keeps items safe in transit and storage. These boxes boost visual appeal and effectively strengthen branding. Their tailored designs and customisations create positive brand associations and lasting impressions on those receiving the packaged products.

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Custom boxes allow you to create packaging custom-made specifically for your products. This ensures a perfect fit, maximum protection, and effective marketing. Custom boxes make your business stand out and reinforce your brand identity.
Custom boxes can package and ship any type of product including food, cosmetics, electronics, apparel, housewares, toys, etc. They are commonly used for retail products, e-commerce shipments, gift packaging, subscription boxes, and more.
Common materials for custom boxes include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper, plastic, metal, and more. You can select the ideal materials for your product based on needs like strength, weight, appearance, and cost.
Custom boxes come in different shapes and styles like regular slotted, folding, telescoping, shoulder, rigid, pizza, die cut, favour, pillow, pop up and window boxes. Each style serves a different purpose from collapsible storage boxes to sturdy telescoping containers, display-focused window boxes, and decorative favour boxes. Custom box styles cater to specific product shapes and functions while providing branding opportunities through custom graphics, die cuts, and unique constructions.
You provide details on dimensions, materials, quantities, artwork, etc. and get a free quote. Once approved, the boxes are designed, printed and manufactured per your specifications, then shipped. Most suppliers have online ordering or work with you directly.
Custom printed boxes are shipping and packaging containers printed with designs, logos, text, and other graphics at the customer's request. This allows for fully customised packaging.
Contact a few reputable box printing suppliers, get quotes based on your needs, and compare pricing, lead times, and minimums. Select the printer and collaborate on creating the perfect printed packaging.

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