Blister Cards

Blister Cards are clear plastic packaging used to display retail products. The transparent plastic "blister" is vacuum-formed to the shape of the product, with a cardboard backing sealed behind it. This allows customers to visibly inspect the item from all angles. Blister cards provide protection while putting the product front and center. They are commonly used for small consumer goods like toys, hardware, electronics, and beauty products. The 3D transparent blister highlights item features and brand logos for optimal merchandising.

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Blister cards consist of two primary material components. The clear-formed blister is commonly made from PVC or PET/PETE plastic. This provides transparency to showcase the product inside. The sturdy backing card sealed to the blister is typically a paperboard material like cardboard or thick paper. The card gives structure while allowing brand graphics and product details to be printed on it.
Custom Blister Card can absolutely be customised to match specific products and branding needs. The backing card offers space for high-quality graphics, logos, and product details to be printed. The blister itself can also be tailored with specialised vacuum-forming moulds to fit particular item shapes and dimensions. This allows a perfect fit to display the product prominently.
For optimised Blister Card Printing, the ideal card stock has a coated surface layer and/or varnish treatment. These smooth coatings allow for exceptional print quality with vivid image reproduction and crisp, fine text. The coating also provides protection for printed graphics. Smooth card stocks like coated paperboard, laminated card, or varnished paper provide the best foundation for blister card printing by enabling stellar graphic rendering.
Blister Card Suppliers offer an extensive range of standard and customisable blister packaging options. Configurations include card-mounted blisters, multi-layer blister cards, double blisters, clamshell blisters, slide blisters, booklet blisters, and many other styles. Suppliers can provide retail-ready blister hanging cards, tamper-evident models, child-resistant options, multi-pack blister cards, and more.

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