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White Cardboard Boxes or White box packaging are shipping containers made from corrugated cardboard with white facings. The white exterior provides a clean, neutral palette for branding and customisation with graphics, logos and text. The corrugated construction gives the boxes durability and cushioning to protect contents during transport and storage. White cardboard boxes come in a range of standard sizes or can be custom produced. They are a versatile packaging choice for consumer goods, retail displays, inventories and warehousing.

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White cardboard provides a clean backdrop to make graphics pop. The light colour also helps the contents stand out. Sturdy corrugated construction protects items inside.
White cardboard boxes come in a variety of standard sizes like small mailers, document archive boxes, and large shipping containers. Beyond basic rectangles, specialised white box styles exist such as self-locking bottom boxes, two-piece telescoping boxes, sleeve boxes, hanging mailboxes, and die-cut shapes. Catty-corner or half-slotted containers save space. White boxes are also available in single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall constructions. Liner and fluting choices determine durability grades from light to heavy duty.
White boxes for storage are versatile for many consumer products like electronics, apparel, health and beauty items, housewares, and food. The neutral colour works across industries.
Crisp digital or offset printing both allow for vibrant, high-quality image reproduction on white cardboard. Techniques like foil stamping also stand out well.
Corrugated white cardboard consists of a rippled inner fluting glued between white outer-facing liners, which are then die-cut and folded into boxes.
Unprinted cardboard boxes come in regular slotted boxes with flaps to close, folder boxes that fold up like file folders, die-cut boxes with pre-scored flaps for fast assembly, telescope two-piece boxes that collapse flat, and shoulder boxes with inner flaps cut higher than outer for extra strength. Boxes come in single, double, or triple walls for durability. Common unprinted boxes use these quick, versatile designs.

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