Terms & Conditions

Premier Custom Boxes and our clients have agreed to this contract. It outlines the services we will offer you and how we will collaborate, and other facets of our business partnership. Read all the terms and conditions carefully.

General Overview

Premier Custom Boxes is the owner and operator of this website. Premier Custom Boxes are referred to as “we,” “us,” and “our” throughout the site. We give you, the user, this website, including all information, tools, and services available from it, on the pretext that you follow all the terms and conditions stated here. These conditions will apply to any new services or products that we introduce. You can check out the latest terms and conditions on this page. By making updates or modifications to our website, we retain the right to update, amend, or replace any clause from these Terms of Service. Check this page to view the latest updates.


Premier Custom Boxes and/or its content producers own the content published on this website (digital downloads, photos, words, graphics, and logos), which is protected by international copyright laws. You may not duplicate, edit, store, republish, send, or distribute the contents of this website without our consent. Premier Custom Boxes owns the rights to all printed goods’ designs. As a result, we have no intention of releasing or selling templates to third parties.


You will be interacting with us every time you visit our website, leave a message or send an email. You agree to receive messages from us in the future. You also agree that we will send you electronic notifications, agreements, and other information that complies with all legal formalities.

Return and Refund Policy

Our printing products and other services are customized. So, you must contact us within 2-3 business days after receiving your order if the delivered product is faulty or does not fit your order requirements. We will not refund the amount or credit your account. However, if there is an error or flaw in your order, we are obligated to recreate it. Our staff will carry out an investigation to determine the packaging return claim. To explain the damaged goods or return them, you must offer photographs as reference. Only in such a situation will your original order be reprinted. After the purchase, you’ll be bound to provide us with the images as evidence within 7 working days. Suppose you dispute lawful charges made to your credit/debit card by Premier Custom Boxes. Your argument is later proven to be false. In that case, you agree to compensate us for any fees involved in settling the matter.

Billing and Cancellations

We will not process your orders for printing or packaging services until we receive complete payment. It includes all charges, taxes, shipping, and handling fees, by credit card or through an accepted payment method from the user of our website. We ask our website users to approve proofs (electronic file or a paper copy) of the printing products or other services they want as part of the order completion process.


Any dispute arising out of your visit to this website or the items you purchase from us will be resolved by a state or federal court. You agree to submit to their sole jurisdiction.

License and Website Access

We offer you a restricted license to access and use our website for professional purposes only. We don’t allow you to download or change our website.