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Apparel boxes help in packing garments, including shirts, pants, trousers, or any other piece of garment. These packaging boxes are foolproof and prevent the dust particles from impacting the garment's quality. Manufacturing companies prefer packaging with their complete branding that resonates well with the target audience. Customisation and printing options also add a more attractive look.

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If you want to find out the right size of apparel boxes, consider certain factors such as the quantity of clothes inside. Moreover, the box size may also vary based on the material of garments. If the stuff you are packing inside is for winters, then it will obviously take up more space as compared to the summer season clothes. Always opt for the packaging that isn't too heavy and can easily accommodate clothes.
The apparel packaging is also known as clothing packaging boxes as these can accommodate different garment types, including pants, shirts, ties, undergarments , and shorts. These packaging boxes are designed with the purpose of presenting apparel in an attractive way. Moreover, the display of custom apparel boxes is also an important aspect, and it's the reason why brands pay attention to it.
The dimensions of the luxury clothing boxes are not fixed, and it can always vary. For the packing of a single shirt, a medium-sized box is sufficient. However, if you are looking to pack a bundle of shirts in a single box, then the box size has to be a bit large. You need to have a fair idea of how much space the shirt will be occupying inside the packaging. Based on that, you can get the apparel packaging of perfect size.
The weight of a box of clothes would ultimately depend on the weight of garments inside. Usually, the apparel for winter season, such as jackets and sweaters, are quite heavy and make the box heavier. However, the summer garments take up less weight and space. So, depending on the garments type and their actual quantity you intend to pack, the box weight can vary. No matter what the weight is, always acquire a user-friendly packaging solution for your customers.
Always place your clothes inside the box in a way that they remain neat and clean. Fold them properly to avoid any chances of wrinkles, and you can also roll softer fabrics in the box. Don't put excessive garments inside the box to make it stuffy, and always mention a label on the packaging that displays the apparel type and size information for the customers. Make sure that there are no empty spaces in the packaging, and your apparel fits inside the fashion boxes UK properly

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