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Sleeve boxes, also known as sliding sleeve boxes or slipcase boxes, are a type of packaging solutions characterized by an outer sleeve that slides over an inner tray or container. This design creates a perfect blend of protection and aesthetics. These functional and versatile boxes are commonly used for luxury items, books, electronics, cosmetics, and other products where an elegant unboxing experience and product visibility are desired. The outer sleeve can be customized with branding, artwork, and information, while the inner tray holds the product securely. These boxes offer a sleek presentation and provide a memorable opening process that enhances the overall customer experience. Get durable and elegant custom sleeve boxes at Premier Custom boxes that can be personalized to meet your requirements.

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Sleeve boxes are packaging solutions featuring an outer sleeve that slides over an inner tray or container. This design not only provides product security but also presents the product in an elegant manner.
Sleeve boxes are often used to package luxury items, electronics, books, cosmetics, and other such products that require a durable and visually appealing packaging. They offer an elegant unboxing experience and product visibility.
Sleeve boxes are commonly made from materials like cardboard, paperboard, Kraft paper or rigid board. These materials are sustainable, sturdy and provide optimum protection to the products. They also provide a smooth surface for custom printing.
With their elegant design, sleeve boxes are ideal for high-end products, books, electronics, cosmetics, and items where premium packaging is desired.
Yes, sleeve boxes are highly customizable. You can incorporate branding, artwork, colors, and designs to match your brand identity and to create a distinct look. You can even choose the material, shape and design as per your product requirements.
Sleeve boxes come in a variety of types with each types designed for specific purposes and products. Examples include: book sleeve boxes, cosmetic sleeve boxes, lift off sleeve boxes and collapsible sleeve boxes.
Sleeve boxes are designed for durability, ensuring protection during storage and transit. The choice of materials and construction contributes to their sturdiness and the level of protection they offer.

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